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2013-06-21 / gerdk

Changing my Inbox Zero process

InboxI follow a simple Inbox Zero process.

Starting with the oldest mails in the inbox, I look at each one and decide what to do with it.

  • Delete permanently.
  • Move to the soft-trash folder.
  • File it (in my one filing folder).
  • Create a To-Do task from it and move it to filing / soft-trash.
  • Mark as follow-up and move it to filing / soft-trash.
  • Reply to it if I can do that in under two minutes.
  • Leave it in the inbox because it is a small task / quick answer but I don’t want to do it right now (indecision!).

I repeat this cycle until my inbox is empty.

When I get interrupted, mails are left over and need to be processed again.

What could be the solution? Tag everything with a follow-up sign? Do a To-Do for everything?

Starting today, I create a “to-be-processed” folder and move mails fitting this criteria there for later processing. This should clear my inbox faster without creating too much overhead.

I plan to then go over this folder – so I actually have to do Inbox Zero twice.

Let’s see if this is actually a good idea and how this affects my responsiveness and performance.


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