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2010-07-18 / gerdk

Learning C# (again) – Part 1

When dot-NET and C# first came out, Microsoft did an extensive roadshow tour through europe. I attended a big 2-day event in Vienna, Austria and was impressed…not only with the amount of money MS was throwing at attendees (rarely is everything free at conferences…), but also with the quality of the speakers and – most of all – with the quality of the ideas and concepts that they presented (although the products itself had a long way before them).

I still fondly remember Don Box (then not yet a MS employee) introducing C#. With Emacs and csc and ildasm and a lot of “You still with me?” and no Visual Studio.

I then learned C# and dot-NET fundamentals – never needing them in my work-life and time-constrained that I am, I forgot Β most of it rather quickly.

To re-learn C# again I recently bough Essential C# 4.0 by Mark Michaelis. I will post important things and especially the differences to Java as separate blog posts. Please note that important means: things I find important πŸ˜‰ Your milage may vary.

PS: This event also included a live presentation by Bill Gates himself. Boy, was I impressed….such an influential person and such a horrible public speaker 😦


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  1. Hari Gudigundla / Jul 18 2010 23:35

    I would like to see ur posts ahead related to C#.

    Gud Luck.

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