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2009-02-5 / gerdk

OOP 2009

Last week (2009-01-26 to 31)  I attended OOP conference in Munich. What I like about conferences like this is the possibility to hear about so many topics from so many speakers. OOP especially has a very broad range, from low-level technical issues over case studies and project management topics to soft skills talks.  It is very easy to grasp fundamental ideas and concepts of new – possibly hyped – technologies.

In past years I evaluated Model Driven Architecture  (and decided to forget about it for the next few years), Software Product Lines (I really like that), Agile (yet unsure) and other buzz-word-compliant ideas.

I’ve been to the conference a few times before, but never for more than 3 days. This year I booked the so-called VIP package – which means you simply buy all 5 days and the 3 “night school” sessions. And that’s a lot. Most of it very good, a few talks not that good…one talk really bad.

I laid my focus on architectural and programming talks.  Highlights included Kevlin Henney‘s “Know Your Units” talk and his session with Frank Buschmann on “Refactoring, Re-Engineering, Rewriting”, Linda Risings “Fearless Change” Tutorial and her keynote as well as the “Experience Agile Practice” Tutorial with Jens Coldewey and Henning Wolf.

I’ll write more about these and other talks in forthcoming entries.


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